SCANDINAVIA FORM is a design experiencing brand with an aim to push the boundaries of Scandinavian style in search of something new. A community of collaborations with artists and designers around the world. We explore ”back to the origin” with nature as the source of inspiration, creativity, structure, experiences and well-being.

Nature’s Raw Form & Shape it’s biodiversity a genuine feeling of authenticity. Nature’s built-in balance and harmony guide us to be as close to true nature as possible. “Form” is the way in which an object exists or appears – and to us, it is an ever-changing playground, with endless possibilities of shapes, sizes, colours and uses.

We began with a curious ambition to experiment with Scandinavian design in an alternative context to explore nature’s biodiversity to create something new. Inspired by the pure, untouched shapes found in plant’s, we created Consilium and Glasilium to showcase nature’s raw form.

Since its creation, Consilium was nominated for the Formidable Design Award at the 2014 Formex Exhibition in Stockholm. Soon after, a special edition vase was designed in collaboration with the Modern Museum for Art in Stockholm. Our second vase, Glasilium, was launched in 2015. It has recently been exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in Italy, The Swedish Design Pavilion at the London Design Fair, at 1000 Vases in Paris during Paris Design Week 2018, Swedish Design Pavilion London Design Week 2019 and at Open Design Language in Milan during Milan Design Week 2019.