When I made the vase, I wanted to create something that captured the feeling of being outdoors in nature, indoors. Something that helps you make your own natural living space to express your relationship with what’s beyond our walls. Flowers, trees and grass stand strong, slender and straight. Which is why my vase has a very narrow, naturally determined elegant neck. Too narrow with other vases and you can’t fill it, the water just bubbles away. Too wide and everything bends. Then I realized that if there is a larger hole for pouring in the water, and a cork of pipes for the stalks, then you solve it and the natural state of things is displayed.

Vase: Glasilium
Materials: Glass, copper & cork
Colors: Transparent, blue and green
Size: D 65, 85, 120, 200 and 380 mm
Design: Eva Levin

The vases Consilium and Glasilium with a copper stem and cork neck showcasing a single ower, straw of grass, branch or leaf in their most transparent form. The stem is placed in the vase as if it were growing in nature, bringing and capturing this concept Indoors.

Vase: Consilium
Materials: porcelain, copper & cork
Colors: White, grey, blue, green, pink, yellow, blue and black
Size: D: 70 mm H: 75 mm
Design: Eva Levin