Similar to Consilium with its sleek copper and cork tube, Glasilium creates a new way of displaying plants.

 “When I made this vase, I wanted to create something that
helps you express your relationship with what’s beyond your
— Eva Levin

Glasilium allows you to explore more with nature. Build a scenery within, or go beyond the vase and let the items inside ascend. There are many ways to use Glasilium. The form is up to you.

Materials: Glass, copper & cork
Colors: Transparent, blue and green
Sizes (by diameter): 65, 85, 120, 200 and 380 mm
Design: Eva Levin


A small porcelain vase that showcases a single stem, branch, straw of grass or leaf in its most transparent form.

I really wanted to imitate the way wild plants grow in nature.”
— Eva Levin

Consilium captures this concept and brings it indoors, with a small copper storm and cork neck that helps support the plant’s stem.

Materials: porcelain, copper & cork
Colors: White, grey, blue, green, pink, yellow, blue and black
Diameter: 70 mm
Height: 75 mm
Design: Eva Levin