Chamber Vase Grey
Chamber Vase Grey
Chamber Vase Grey
Chamber Vase Grey

Chamber Vase Grey


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Discontinuation sale! Get a 50% discount when you buy the chamber vases in white, black and grey. The offer also includes Glasilium vases in colors Lime Green and Neon Blue.

The porcelain chamber vase with a copper stem and natural cork neck was designed to showcasing a single flower, straw

of grass, branch or leaf in their most transparent form. The stem is placed in the vase as if it were growing in nature,  bringing and capturing this concept indoors. 

Fill the vase with water by simply remove the cork out.

Copper gets a beautiful patina over time. Depending on the environment the colour changes naturally. You can polish the copper stem by using a damp soft cloth and copper polish. The porcelain vase is dishwasher safe.

Size: H 25 mm D 70 mm
Colors: white, black and grey
Material: porcelain, cork and copper

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